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Welcome To SDS Helpers!

We are a community of past and present SDS Helpers


This group allows everyone who has previously been a helper or is currently a helper in the Scratch Design Studio to talk with each other, discuss SDS-related topics, or just to be acknowledged as an SDS Helper!


➼The current SDS: Underground

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➼The current SDS ends approximately between August 23rd - 30th (6-7 weeks from July 12th).

The Current SDS Theme was proposed by sihan7777777

Contributers/User Role

📊 Studio Managers (4) :

67144386_60x60_1_5_28 MaterArc - Owner and Founder of SDS Helpers

37820182_90x90_5_18 Euglena73 - SDS Curator

71495487_90x90_18 nightmxre- - SDS Curator

72310193_90x90_18 ScratchTag- - SDS Curator

👥 Studio Curators (8) :

61189255_90x90_2_17 HorsegirlTG - SDS Helper

72087790_90x90_1_19 -ScratchDesign- - SDS Helper

75423444_90x90_1_18 Muffin_pie - SDS Helper

74326749_90x90_18 Aloeheart6 - SDS Helper

30667759_90x90_18 -LegendGaming- - SDS Helper

68588615_90x90_18 TheDogLover796 - SDS Helper

65162879_90x90_18 dwseoh127 - SDS Helper

82961660_90x90_18 brrp - SDS Helper

Screen_Shot_2022-07-30_at_9 47 37_AM_1_29 sihan666666 - SDS Helper

✏️ Website Contributors (2) :

Screenshot_2022-05-07_2 58 08_PM_3_48 leahcimto - SDS Curator and Website Contributor

84839537_60x60_28 Adzboy - SDS Helper and Website Contributor

Note: This is not an official Scratch Team website, and is not run or endorsed by any of its members.

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